Casino bonuses in Netherlands

Casino bonuses in Netherlands

The rules had changed over the years regarding the casino industry in the Netherlands and its bonuses. This rule change followed the enactment of the Remote Gambling Act. As such, online casino players in the Netherlands could only play casino games via casino platforms from other countries. They could also only access casino sites regulated by their country authorities.

As a Dutch online casino player, you would have come across several casino bonuses with great promo offers for Dutch players and gamblers around the world. The specific casino bonuses you can access also depend on the site where you register to play casino games. Here are some good examples of online casino bonuses for players from the Netherlands:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Cashback offers
  • Monthly promotions
  • No deposit casino bonuses
  • Deposit casino bonuses

Unlike the no deposit bonuses, most categories of bonuses require you to make a deposit before you can claim the bonuses. The no deposit casino bonuses will reward the player with different categories of freebies, including free spins and free money at no cost to the player.

Check below for more helpful information about the various bonuses for Dutch players. You will also learn more about the no deposit bonus, deposit bonuses and the wagering requirements.

No deposit bonus

Different categories of no deposit bonuses are available to Dutch players today, leaving individual players to choose which best suits their personalities. The no deposit casinos can create, tailor, and modify the no deposit bonuses to suit each player. You may ask what the no deposit casinos mean. We will shed some light on that next.

The no deposit casinos enable their customers to use the no deposit bonus to claim winnings without depositing real money. However, the casinos insist that the customer create a real money account with the platform. Additionally, the online casinos usually insist that the players register a payment method for future use. Even if they don't make money from you at the onset, they gain a new customer and expand.

So, many online casinos offering no deposit bonuses do so for expansion, which is the answer to why casinos keep on offering the bonuses. While Dutch players can access bonuses with no deposit and also claim their winnings from the bonus, they must also be aware of the wagering requirement on those bonuses.

The no deposit bonuses are designed to make the gamblers feel welcome if they come as a part of the welcome bonus. The freebies help improve the players overall experience, especially at a no deposit casino. It is a way of treating new members as special. Such a warm welcome can keep the beginner faithful to that particular online casino platform.

While no deposit bonuses are helpful to both the new casino player and the no deposit casino, some individuals abuse the opportunity. So, online casinos have to make extra effort to protect their companies from the abusers, which is where the wagering requirement comes in. While some other promotions and offers also have a wagering requirement, it is more prominent in bonuses that require no deposit.

The requirement is a particular condition constraining the gamblers using the no deposit offers to first deposit after using the bonus received before they can withdraw the winnings from the no deposit bonuses.

Benefits of using a bonus with no deposit

No deposit bonuses can earn the player several freebies, but the requirements must always be on the gambler’s mind. The play-through requirement is the first thing to consider before accepting the bonus requiring no deposit. These play-through requirements differ from one casino platform to another, and you should properly read and understand them before accepting the bonuses.

However, the no deposit offers still have so many benefits, some of which we will mention below:

  • Opportunity to cut cost: Most times, you will be required to spend money when you play casino games, and the no deposit offer will help reduce how much you will end up paying.
  • Test games at zero risk: If you only want to try out a new game on an online casino platform, the no deposit offer can help out in this regard, enabling you to test the game at zero risk. It is easier to try out the new games with bonuses than using your real money; the latter can cost you. You can now decide if you want to make a deposit after using the no deposit opportunity to assess the games.

How to claim no deposit bonuses

Taking advantage of the no deposit opportunity is straightforward. Pick your preferred online casino and register an account there. Afterward, visit the Promotions page of the online casino platform. You will be required to create a real money account first. You can now benefit from the no deposit offer after providing all the necessary details.

The no deposit bonus may arrive immediately, or it may take some time before it reflects in your account, depending on the online casino platform in question. The game you want to play can also determine the duration the no deposit offer will be available.

No deposit bonus types

There are different types of no deposit bonuses, and you must remember this before hunting for no deposit offers. The knowledge will enable you to claim the most suitable for you among them. Some of the differentiating factors include the following.

  • Validity
  • Prize or freebie
  • Games available
  • Wagering requirements

Check below for the various categories of no deposit offers available to gamblers in Netherlands.

No deposit, no wagering requirement

This type of no deposit offer is scarce but very real. It is equally the best since it gives the player a huge gaming opportunity with no wagering requirements. This type of no deposit offer is the real free bonus since it requires no obligation from the player.

Since the bonus does not involve wagering requirements, gamblers commonly abuse it. Gambling sites, however, find a way to control the activities of the abusers.

Only online casinos belonging to big-time gambling companies provide this rare opportunity. The best places to look for online casinos offering bonuses with no wagering requirements are among popular casinos.

Standard cash no deposit bonus

This is the type of no deposit offer on most online casino games. It is a cash bonus, with the player receiving a given amount of cash ranging from $10 to $100. You can use this form of no deposit offer to play any online casino game, including slot games, red tiger, table games, bingo games, lottery, or even live casino games.

This type of no deposit offer also comes with wagering requirements, which can be x20 of the bonus amount. If the bonus amount is $10, the player needs to make up to $200 before qualifying to withdraw the winnings.

Exclusive no deposit bonus offers

This exclusive bonus offer has a timeframe or validity period, and you cannot use it anymore once the offer passes its expiry date. Some online casinos can give bonuses to commemorate public holidays, like Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, etc. They are time-limited no deposit offers, and are only applicable during the commemorated holiday.

Usually, such bonuses do not have wagering requirements. However, some online casinos apply such play-through requirements.

No deposit free spins bonuses

This no deposit bonus offers free spins on slot games to Dutch casino players. It can also be a short-term or long-term bonus, depending on the casino platform. The casino promos are usually available for a short period, and the long-term ones are always available to attract new customers.

The free spins on online casinos enable casino players to test online slots before deciding whether or not to deposit real money. They are also usually available for popular casino games.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses differ from the no deposit offer such that the former requires an initial deposit before you can access the bonuses, be it cash or free spins on online casinos. They can also come in different forms. At times, they are available as match bonuses. The casino gives the player a particular percentage of the initial deposit amount or a flat bonus.

The player receives a specific amount as a bonus, irrespective of the initial deposit. Most table games attract deposit bonuses of 100%, while most slot machine games come with a 200% deposit bonus.

Check below for the characteristics of a deposit bonus:

  • It can come in the form of cash or free spins on the platforms.
  • The bonus is a fixed amount.
  • Your bonus balance consists of your bonus funds and restricted cash.
  • You will have to comply with the wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings.

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are the type of bonus given by casino platforms to newly registered members to bid them a welcome. Depending on the platform offering the exclusive bonus, it can either be no deposit offers or require an initial deposit.

Deposit welcome bonus

This type of bonus is usually very generous, and you need to deposit money before you can access the bonus. The two forms of deposit welcome bonuses are:

  • First payment match: Most deposit welcome bonuses are available as match bonuses. The online casino will match your first deposit to a particular limit. For example, a 100% deposit bonus means you will get a bonus of $100 if your initial deposit is $100, bringing the total amount in your payroll to $200.
  • Match offers for additional payments: The deposit bonus is given on the first, second, or third deposit. The match bonus in this situation may reduce from the first deposit to the subsequent ones. For example, if the match bonus on the first deposit is 100%, the second deposit may be 75%, etc.

No deposit welcome bonuses

We have discussed no deposit offers by online casinos extensively. They require no initial deposit before qualification but usually feature wagering requirements, which differ from one online casino platform. The bonus, in this case, can either be cash or free spins on the platforms. Some other online casinos may give cash and free spins on slots as no deposit offers.

Pros of casino bonuses

  • Thanks to the casino free credit, you do not have to risk your hard-earned money to try out new games.
  • You can use free spins to earn some real money.
  • Casino bonus can increase your bankroll, making gambling more interesting

Cons of casino bonuses

  • Virtually all bonuses come with play-through requirements that may be difficult to fulfill, rendering the casino bonus unattractive.
  • Some bonuses have expiration dates, making it impossible for the gambler to access them once they expire.
  • There is also the cash-out limit to consider. You may not be able to cash out if the amount you win is higher than the acceptable cash out for that casino bonus.

Free spin bonuses

Free spin bonuses are promotions available to different categories of casino players, granting players a given number of spins for slot games, enabling them to win money without risk. Free spins on slots are available on many online casinos, but the approach differs from one platform to another.

The free spins on casino platforms offered today also feature high play-through requirements, and the cash out is usually small. After receiving free spins, work towards reaching the maximum cash out and withdrawing your winnings without delay.

Free spins can come as a single bonus, and they can come coupled with some other bonuses, like cash bonuses. They can equally come as free bets. Spin means spinning reel at slot machines. So, you get to spin the reel at no cost when you use free spins.

Types of free spin bonuses

Some types of free spin bonuses are discussed below.

Welcome bonus free spin

This type of free spin is awarded to new members on the online casinos as incentives.

We can divide this type further into two, which are:

  • Deposit free spins: You need to make an initial deposit before accessing this type of free spin. The wagering requirements are usually very high. Endeavor to check the terms and conditions before accepting this type of free spin.
  • No deposit free spins: You will not have to make an initial deposit before accessing this type of free spin. The wagering requirements vary from one online casino to another.

Casino promotion

You can get promotion free spins at any time. Some online casinos even offer it daily, and the number varies from one casino platform to another. You may receive instant notifications of the free spins or may have to check for the offers on the platform to prevent missing out.

Reward Multipliers

This type of bonus engages the customers on online casinos and helps them promote their new slots. Reward multipliers are accessible in a limited period with which the customer can use them to increase winnings rapidly.

If you can play your slot game when the multiplier is active, your winnings will increase. The reverse occurs if the time you play coincides with when the multiplier is inactive.

The reward multiplier can triple your winning, but there are times they multiply your winning x100! Not all online casinos offer reward multipliers. You may want to add it to your checklist when choosing online casinos.

Loyalty bonuses

Online casinos use loyalty bonuses to reward customers that had been with them for a very long time via their loyalty programs. After reaching a particular milestone on the casino platform, the customers get such a reward—the chance of reaching the milestone increases as the amount deposited by the customer increases.

Loyalty bonuses can come in different forms too. The most common types are:

  • Loyalty points: You can convert the points to wagering credits.
  • Level-up systems: The casino will give you certain bonuses upon attaining a new level on the platform.
  • Mission or challenges: Each time you succeed in a particular challenge or task, you will get a reward. The reward can come in free spins, tokens, bonus coins, etc.

Referral bonuses

This type of bonus goes to casino players that invite others to register an account on the platform. You do not need to be a casino player to earn a referral bonus. You can register an account on the platform and start using your referral link to invite others. If those other people deposit money on the casino platform, the platform will pay you a certain percentage for your effort.

The reward, in this case, is usually cash that you can withdraw. However, some online casinos insist that you must reach a particular threshold before you can withdraw your referral bonus. Online casinos know that a referral bonus is one of the best ways to get new customers, but not all of them offer this type of bonus.

How to choose a reliable online casino platform offering casino bonuses

It would help if you were careful when choosing bonuses on the online casino platform to use. You should only register on a reliable online casino platform to enable you to enjoy the bonus offer hitch-free.

If you are new to the world of online casino entertainment, you may be confused about the platform to visit, and this can cost you several hours of endless research. The points we provide below can help you pick the right one among the online casinos offering bonuses in the Netherlands.

Check for regulations and licensing

An excellent online casino site providing bonus offers should be regulated and licensed by the relevant authorities in the Netherlands. Some popular regulatory agencies for online casinos are the Malta Gaming Authority, the Isle of Man, and the UK Gambling Commission. The regulatory agency in the Netherlands is NGA, also called the Gambling Authority.

Check for available casino bonuses

Not all online casinos in the country provide exciting bonuses. So, check if your preferred online casino has an offer available before registering there. Also, check if the bonus offer is adequately rewarding before accepting it.

Remember to check the type of offers available at the online casino such as the deposit and no deposit bonus, free spins, referral bonuses, and loyalty bonuses. The types of available bonuses differ from one online casino to another.

Check the software developer

This is another important factor to consider when choosing an online casino platform that provides a bonus offer. It would be best if you only considered casinos affiliated with top software developers.

Some of the most outstanding gaming software developers include Evolution Gaming, Yggdrasil, Pragmatic Play, Play'N go, NetEnt, etc. Their games are highly innovative and fun to play. They equally offer modern designs in their games.

Check the payment metho

As part of their play-through requirements for a bonus, you may have to deposit money before you can withdraw your winning from the casino platform. Check if the online casino platform offers world-class payment methods to enable you to enjoy the exclusive bonus offered after deposit. Some online casinos accept the use of prepaid cards for payment.

These days, some of the most popular payment methods on online casinos include e-Wallets, debit cards, cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and various other payment methods. Also, note that some payment methods such as Skrill and Neteller can make you ineligible for the bonus offer. Always confirm from the casino site to know which will be perfect for claiming the offer.

Frequently asked questions

Can I withdraw earnings made via free spins?

Yes, you can, provided you meet the withdrawal requirements, which vary from one website to another. Check the withdrawal requirement on the casino platform before proceeding with the withdrawal process.

Do I have to pay before getting no deposit bonuses?

No deposit bonuses are completely free. However, you need to meet up to certain requirements before withdrawing the winnings you have made with the no deposit offer.

How do online casinos benefit from bonuses?

It helps them attract more customers and compels them to keep coming back for their betting needs on the online casino platform.