EURO2020: Italy vs Spain

06/07/2021 (21:00)

Il Professore
Il Professore
05/07/2021 10:11

Italy vs Spain

Amazing game and one for the history books. Let´s look at some stats available.

Italy has only beaten Spain twice in their last 14 matches. However, Italy and Spain has played against each other 9 times in Euro cups/World Cups and Italy has won 4 of them and Spain only 1..yes that is only one time!

Spain started weak in this tournament despite having a great team as always. But, there are few super stars and Spain need these stars to pull the team in the right direction. Morata seems to finally have found his place in the team and he should be the guiding star for them. Italy however started off super strong and has won all the matches so far and is the only reaming team with 100% record. They beat Belgium, one of the favourites to win the cup which show how strong they are as a team. 

All in all, a very tough game to predict as always and although Italy are favourites to win and the odds support this, I still believe Spain will go through to the final.

Result (Resultaat)

Spain to win

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Spain to win and Alvaro Morata to score

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