As a customer you sometimes feel you have been mistreated or even cheated when playing casino, sportsbook, bingo or poker online. Very often, the customer has misunderstood the bet, the game round or outcome and the result is an unhappy customer. The operator (operating the game such as TOTO CASINO) have a dedicated department to handle customer service. You can contact the operator and their customer service 24/7 but you might not get an immediate answer as they will need to investigate your case. A good customer service is easy to contact through email, Live Chat or other chat message services. Some operators still offer a way to call in via phone although this alternative is less common nowadays

There can be cases where you as a customer is not wrong in your complaint and the operator refuse to listen or compensate you. This happens quite often unfortunately and if you don´t know how solve the situation you will be on your own. However, if you are a frequent visitor of Nedwedden and are using our links when signing up your account with the operators we are affiliated with, you will also get Nedweddens services where we will look at your case and help you where possible. With Nedwedden you will not only get information about operators that are considered to be fully legal as well as operating under strict license regulations including customer protection, but you also get Nedwedden support when you feel you have been wronged.