24/03/2021 10:13
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Group A: Portugal is the obvious choice as the winner of the group. Serbia should take second place followed by Ireland, Azerbaijan and Luxembourg.

Group B: A tough group where Spain is the clear favourites. Will Sweden, with Zlatan Ibrahimovic back in the team, manage to get the second place or will Greece claim the spot? We believe Spain will win the group followed by Sweden and Georgia.

Group C: Italy should be the favourites to win the group but Switzerland is no joke and could create some problems for Italy early on. Lithuania will have a hard time in this group and we don´t expect them to get any points.

Group D: France should be the winner but if they have any kind of disturbance within the team, Ukraine will win the group. Bosnia Herzegovina could steal some points from both Ukraine and France as well as Finland looking for any points where possible meaning a draw.

Group E: Belgium should have an easy journey in this group and should qualify with ease. The Czech Republic are likley to claim second spot. Estonia will have a very hard time, no points for this team as we see it.

Group F: Denmark is always strong and will fight with Austria for the group win. Denmark to claim the top spot and Austria will be in second place.

Group G: Netherlands are the favourites to win the group ahead of Turkey. Turkey has an interesting team with some very good players and could easily create problems for Netherlands. Norway has a strong defence and will go for one point where possible and if they steal points from Netherlands, Turkey could be the winner of the group leaving Netherlands in a tough position to qualify in the second round. Latvia and Gibraltar will be in the bottom positions.

Group H: Russia as slight favourites followed by Croatia and Slovenia. Tough group, a hornets nest!

Group I: England should win this group easily followed by Poland. Hungary has young team ready to fight anyone so could be an early upset making it more exciting than it should be.

Group J:

Germany to win the group followed by Romania. Iceland usually show some grit but this time we don´t believe they can challenge Germany nor Romania. North Macedonia has a hungry team and want to show what they can do so we expect a mixed result from them.