Champions League - Standings 4th November 2020

05/11/2020 10:34
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Group A: Bayern Munich still in top of the standings - Done deal!

So will Atletico Madrid pull through and join Bayern Munich in the next stage? We believe so!

Group B: Real Madrid in 3rd place!

This is still a hornets nest! Real Madrid managed to get 3 points in their last game and is now in 3rd place with same points as Shakhtar Donetsk. Mönchengladbach in top with now win and two draws in total but only one point ahead.

Group C: Manchester City still in the top!

Manchester City show strength and is in the lead with 3 our of 3 wins and total of maximum points. Porto on second place and it would be an upset if Porto didn't manage to join Man City to the next stage.

Group D: Liverpool dominates group D!

Liverpool has full point so far, 9 points, and seems to have settled with the new (partly) defensive lineup and will surely go through to the next stage. More interesting is the fight for the second place. Ajax and Atalanta on same points, 4p, where Ajax has the light advantage.

Group E: Sevilla will win the group!

Chelsea and Sevilla, both on same points, in the top as after the last round. We still believe Sevilla will win and Chelsea will be in second place. No other news in this group.

Group F: Dortmund win again!

Dortmund has now two wins in a row and is in the top of the group with 6 points followed by Lazio in second place and 5 points. Third is Club Brugge with 4 points and last is Zenit with one point. We still believe Dortmund will win the group and that Club Brugge will snag the second place from the Italians.

Group G: Messi & Ronaldo

No comment on this group as it should be obvious that Barcelona will win the group and Juventus will follow in second place.

Group H: Manchester United lost against Istanbul!

Man United faced off against Istanbul in Turkey. 12 minutes into the game, we experienced one of the biggest and/or strangest defensive mistakes a premier league team have ever made. The Swedish defensive player for Man United, Victor Lindelof, who was put on the bench due to a back injury and replaced by Tuanzebe, could see the entire Man United team in an offensive position (only the goal keeper seemed to know is position) when Demba Ba got the ball, being alone with the goalkeeper from half the pitch. Needless to say, the experienced Demba scored 1-0 to the Turkish team while Tuanzebe was still running to get home for dinner,

RB Leipzig won against PSG and is now in second place with same points as Man United. This group might offer some surprises in the end and Man United, although in first place, will have to fight hard to go through to the next stage.