Champions League - Standings 27th October 2020

Philip Petreus
Philip Petreus
29/10/2020 08:54
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Group A: Bayern Munich in top of the standings - As expected!

Yesterdays games where Bayern won against Lokomotiv Moscow with 2-1 cemented the German team in the top of the standings. The current CL-champions seems to surf through this group stage without any issues. The real question is which team will join them in the next round.

Atletico Madrid won against RB Salzburg with 3-2 and is currently in second place. Considering the last game, losing to Bayern Munich with 4-0 this win was much needed not only for the points but more so for their confidence.

Lokomotiv Moscow looked surprisingly strong against Bayern and they will surely give Atletico Madrid a good run for their money and will possibly snatch the second place from the Spaniards in the end of the group stage.

RB Salzburg, solid team but still not good enough to challenge for first or second place. They will need 2-3 more years before they can challenge the big boys.

Group B: Real Madrid struggles!

Group B in the Champions League is more of a hornets nest as Real Madrid is in last place with 1 point after the draw against Mönchengladbach. First place is held by Shakhtar Donetsk with 4 points followed Mönchengladbach and Inter, both with 2 points.

We expect Real Madrid to improve greatly and should be one of the teams moving on to the second round. Mönchengladbach looks strong and so does Inter Milan. However, Shaktar D would be our tip to join Real Madrid o the next stage. Much can happen and we are a long way from the next round.

Group C: Manchester City in top!

Manchester City winning against Marseille with 3-0 show their strength as a team and if there would ever be a safe bet on which team will go through to the next round, Manchester City would be one of 4 candidates. Porto and Olympiakos on same points and in last place we find Marseille.

We are a bit surprised that Marseille struggles with their defense and with zero points after two played games their chance of going through to the next round is slim. We believe Porto will join Man City to the next stage.

Group D: Liverpool with full points!

Liverpool has full point so far but we can finally see some dents in their shining armour. But with that stated, they will have no problems going through to the next round. We still believe in AJAX and it will be a close call between the Bergamo team and the heroes from Amsterdam.

Group E: Sevilla will win the group!

Chelsea and Sevilla, both on same points, in the top. Both teams we believe will go through to the next stage and we believe Sevilla will be a real threat to the top teams this season. Chelsea will eventually fall short, most likely in the next round.

Group F: Dortmund has awoken!

Finally a win for the yellow team and the yellow wall in Dortmund must be more than happy to see some points for the team in the standings. We believe Dortmund will win the group with possibly Club Brugge as the second team.

Group G: Messi & Ronaldo

No comment on this group as it should be self clear that Barcelona will win the group and Juventus will follow.

Group H:Manchester United CL - Success continues!

Man United faced off against RB Leipzig and turned it in to a feast. The match ended 5-0 to United and Rashford made a hattrick despite starting on the bench. United defense looked very strong and showed no weakness. The question is if they have finally sorted out their defensive problems?

PSG won against Istanbul BB with 2-0 in Istanbul. They don’t look as sharp as they could but did their job as expected.

We believe PSG will join United into the next stage but it will be a hairy deal for the Princes in Paris with Leipzig regrouping after last night game