Thor vs Eddie: Heaviest fight ever!

Mr Wolf
Mr Wolf
17/03/2022 21:32
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Hafthor Björnsson and Eddie Hall will finally fight each other in the boxing ring. Their feud has been ongoing for years, going back to their strongman competition where Eddie Hall won the world title in 2017 and a disappointed second place for Hafthor who complained about a referee stealing his title. Last year, the Brit, Eddie Hall “exposed” Björnsson for cheating during the competition and posted a video as proof. Will theior beef get settled? Probably not but one of them will for sure raise his arms after the bout.

During their last face-off Hafthor, who played “The Mountain” in the hugely popular HBO series G<me of Thrones, admitted he spat at Eddie but says Eddie spat at him first.

Looking at the stats Hafthor has an advantage with better reach, height as well as a better camp with less injuries and problems. Eddie has had several injuries during his camp and his boxing skills are not as developed as the Icelandic “Mountain”.

Odds is in favor of Hafthor but it only takes one shot from Eddie and "The Mountain"  might crumble?