Thor floors Eddie Hall twice!

Dijk van den Bunt
Dijk van den Bunt
23/03/2022 11:18
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Hafthor floors Eddie Hall, twice!

Hafthor Björnsson , the Icelandic giant and former winner of the World´s Strongest Man, won against his nemesis, Britain´s Eddie Hall after an unanimous decision.

The two giants and former friends, both winning the World´s Strongest Man, ended their friendship after Eddie Hall winning the competition back in 2017. Since then, both of them have been going at each other on social media ending with the heaviest boxing fight ever in Dubai.

Thor managed to floor Eddie twice and was the better boxer throughout the fight. Eddie who has been fighting several injuries was looking for the haymaker to end the fight from start and managed to knock down Thor once in round twp but it was not enough.

In round 3, Thor knocked down Eddie with a one-two combo and the brit was smelling the canvas but managed to stay in the fight.

Thor continued using his training and outboxed the brit in round 4 and 5. In the 6th and final round, Eddie came out swinging, trying to get back into the fight and get the W but with no luck and Thor again sent the brit to the canvas. Yet again he managed to keep on fighting.

All three judges declared Thor the winner, 57-54.

A rematch has been discussed and Thor has stated that he “gladly would like to beat him twice”