Juventus fans are angry with CR7

Philip Petreus
Philip Petreus
07/09/2021 09:46
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Christiano Ronaldo got on his private jet and left Juventus just days before the transfer window was closing. Several club icons are irritated and this for good reason as they see it. Sergio Brio, 65, Juventus goalkeeper in the 80s, won four league titles and everything else you can win in Europe with the “old lady”, says, “ - Juve deserves more respect than this. I didn’t think Ronaldo could be so nonchalant towards the club and the fans”, according to Tuttosport and continues, “- He is a fantastic player and a true professional, but this part of the story could have been much better”.

Alessio Tacchinardi, 46, another long time Juve hero believe that he could have handled it more professional. “ – Just leaving on his private jet while the trainer Allegri was talking to the press prior to the game against Empoli. I had expected a press conference where he says goodbye to the fans and the club. Also, he puts the club in a problematic situation leaving just days before the transfer window closes. To replace him is impossible”

Christiano Ronaldo played three seasons in Juventus and scored a total of 101 goals.