Dirty Dutch Darts - Match fixing?

Dijk van den Bunt
Dijk van den Bunt
12/04/2021 19:39
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Dirty game in Darts – Match fixers focusing on the Dutch dart players

Broadcaster NOS has investigated the situation of potential match fixing within the sports of Darts and the outcome is pretty bad. Dart players are obligated to report any attempts of involving them in match fixing of any kind- deliberately playing badly and/or losing a match – to the International Darts Authority (DRA). Last year, 60% of the reported incidents came from Dutch players according to NOS. However, the reported incidents is most likely just the tip of the iceberg and the Dutch public prosecution office has stated they are aware of the situation and will start an investigation of their own.

Betting on Darts is getting more and more popular and every game can bring in hundred of thousands of euros to the betting companies.

It´s reported that players are usually contacted via messaging services such as Telegram or similar. Two players was suspended by DRA due to match fixing last year including the young dart talent Wessel Nijman (20). Niels Zonneveld, professional dart player stated he had been approach by a match fixer who wanted him to lose a game for money.

Zonneveld said he is happy the public prosecution is taking action. ‘If these people can do this with impunity it will continue. They’ll think well, maybe he’ll bite, it’s worth a try.’