Italy wins the cup!

Dijk van den Bunt
Dijk van den Bunt
12/07/2021 08:01
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Italy won the final!

After 120 minutes of football it all came down to penalties. England who never had won the European championship and the last time they won a big tournament was the World cup back in 1966, had a lot of pressure from the English people to finally "Bring it home". Italy however won the European championship two years later, in 1968, and now had to play against a hungry England in England, on Wembley!

England took the lead after only 2 minutes. A beautiful attack starting and ending with Luke Shaw, scoring 1-0 to the three lions via a half-volley. A truly beautiful goal no doubt and the fastest goal in a European final to date. The rest of the first half Italy had most of the ball possession trying to find the equaliser. 

With 25 minutes left of the game, Marco Veratti hit the goal post with a header and on the rebound, Leo Bonucci managed to force the ball in goal. The game went to overtime and then to penalties where England put three youngsters together with Kane and Maguire to take the penalties.

Kane and Maguire both scored while the young talents all missed their chance to become heroes this time around. 3-2 to Italy, well deserved no doubt.