F1: IMOLA PRACTISE - Mercedes are the hunters!

Philip Petreus
Philip Petreus
17/04/2021 09:10
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Mercedes are the hunters, not the hunted!

These words came from Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas for the upcoming F1 race at Imola, Italy. Well, after the first practice it seems that Mercedes is back in top with the strongest car of the field. However, RedBull had issues with both cars, Perez bumped in to Ocon and Verstappen had technical problems with his driveshaft. So at this stage we really don´t know how fast the Redbull actually is. The big surprise was Alpha Tauri and former RedBull driver Gasly who was only a fraction (0,078s) off the pace. Also LeClerc in his Ferrari showed some good progress with a less draggy car and an engine with more “umph”.