No knockout for Mayweather

Philip Petreus
Philip Petreus
07/06/2021 09:48
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No knockout for Mayweather or Paul

Heavy rain fell over Hard Rock Stadium during the gala´s early fights but as the main attractions got closer the fight gods finally decided to stop the rain. Logan Paul, 26, kept up the pace in the first round and did his best in the second round as well. In third round, it was clear that his conditioning would become a problem in the later rounds. Note that the young youtuber was 16 kg heavier than Mayweather and as there was no judges in this fight, his only chance for a win was a knockout.

Mayweather, undefeated champion on his way into Hall of Fame (he needs to fully retire first) had no problems avoiding the big swings from Logan and in the fourth round Mayweather was hindered by Logan Paul constantly clinching and even the ring judge got tired and said to Logan Paul: “ - If we would have judges in this fight, I would have told them to withdraw one point from you”

”-I had fun. If felt good to move around with these young guys and test my skills. I had fund tonight and he (Logan Paul) is a good fighter. I realize I´m not 21 or 25 anymore but I had fun.” said Mayweather after the fight.

Logan Paul, well he was more than happy to survive all rounds against one of the best boxers in the world in this in his second boxing match of his career.

”- I don´t want anyone to tell me something is impossible again. The fact that I´m here with one of the best boxers in the world show that you can beat the odds. It was an honor, god so I´m happy, said Paul”