UFC264 - Poirier beats McGregor via TKO

Dijk van den Bunt
Dijk van den Bunt
11/07/2021 09:57
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Poirier wins by TKO - Doctor´s stoppage TKO

The main event of UFC264 ended just after the first round when super star Connor McGregor broke his leg with 20 seconds to go. He fought on to survive the round with his right ankle clearly broken and the doctor stopped the fight resulting in TKO win for Poirier. 

The first round started with McGregor pushing the pace using leg kicks on Poirier who kept his cool and eventually managed to take Conor down to the ground where he used his famous ground and pound with some serious elbows. 

Connor McGregor survived the onslaught and managed to get up but second later he stepped backwards and his ankle twisted and he fell to the ground and Poirier was back on top. 20 seconds later the round was over and the doctor stopped the fight. 

Poirier and Connor was clearly irritated with each other also after the fight where Connor referred to Poirier´s wife sending him a DM earlier this week and Poirier was obviously agitated by the Irishman´s comments. 

Poirier will now face the champion in the Lightweight division, Brazilian fighter Charles Oliveira while Connor will need to heal and this might have been his last fight in the UFC.