Wayne Rooney in trouble over images

Dijk van den Bunt
Dijk van den Bunt
29/07/2021 10:26
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Wayne Rooney apologizes to family and club over images

On Sunday images surfaced in social media appearing to show the former Manchester United player asleep in an undisclosed hotel room surrounded by a group of young women.

Cheshire Police confirmed on Tuesday they would not be taking any action against a complaint of blackmail made regarding the images, after Rooney´s representatives believed there had been an illicit attempt to entrap him.

“I made a mistake,” Rooney said to Sky Sports News after his side´s win over Real Betis on Wednesday.

According to Sky Sports News, Rooney stated he “went to a private party with two friends “ and he want to apologies to family and the club for the images circulating in social media.