Nils van der Poel: Dutch Corruption!

Philip Petreus
Philip Petreus
09/02/2022 19:06
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Nils van der Poel: Dutch corruption!

The Swedish speed skater and Olympic gold medalist Nils van der Poel is attacking the Dutch speed skating organization. On their own website, Sander van Ginkel claims that the Dutch skaters benefit from hard ice and that is why he has measured the temperature of the ice and tried to affect the Chinese staff to make it as hard as possible.

When Nils van der Poel is asked about this situation during the press conference he immediately attacks the Dutch skating organization.

  • I have greatest respect for the Dutch skaters and great confidence in the Chinese staff handling the ice. But we have to discuss fair play within our sport and this is far from fair play, this is corruption! This is embarrassing not only for the Dutch people but also for the Dutch skaters. This is the biggest scandal in our sport!