Verstappen crashes in 300 km/h - Perez takes the win!

Dijk van den Bunt
Dijk van den Bunt
07/06/2021 10:16
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Max Verstappen crashes in 300km/h!

Luckily he escaped with no injuries in a crash that could have ended much worse. With only a few laps to go he was in the lead ahead of his team mate Perez and had the race under full control. The RB car was brilliant through the entire race weekend and the crash came after a high speed puncture on the longest straight of the track. Worth to mention is the Lance Stroll, the young Aston Martin driver experienced the same type of crash on the same part of the track earlier during the race, high speed puncture. No doubt, the tyre manufacturer Perelli will need to start an investigation and present the results when done as this is alarming considering what could have happened.

After the crash the race was stopped and the cars was taken back o the pit lane awaiting a fresh start. Lewis Hamilton, running in second after Perez saw is chance to take the win if he could get past Perez in the start. However as Hamilton started in the "dirty lane" next to Perez and due to a mistake (he accidentally touched a button on the steering wheel changing brake balance) he could not stop his car in the first corner and went straight of track and byt that gave birth to around 1000 new "See Ya Later Memes".

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel have had a great race and managed to pass Pierre Gasly and took the second place ahead of the young Frenchman on third.

This was Perez first win in the RedBull car and his second win in F1 overall. He is slowly becoming the driver RedBull needs to win not only the driver´s championship (by supporting Max) but also the manufacturer championship.