Wiggins alleges sexual abuse

Dijk van den Bunt
Dijk van den Bunt
20/04/2022 21:40
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Former super star cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins, 41, has recently opened about the sexual abuse he experienced as a young child. Wiggins says that he was 13 years old when he was groomed by a former coach.

Sir Bradley Wiggins is one of Great Britain´s best cyclist of all time with 5 Olympic Gold medals and one Tour De France title. In an interview with the magazine Men´s Health UK he shared his memories of the abuse he experienced when he was a child.

- I was groomed by a coach when I was younger, around 13 years old and I never fully accepted that, he says during the interview.

When asked if he was sexual abused, he responds, -Yes. It had a great impact on me as an adult…I buried it.

- My stepfather was quite violent to me, and he used to call me f****t for wearing Lycra and stuff so I didn´t think I could tell him

- I was such a loner … I became so insular. I was quite strange as a teenager in many ways and I think the drive on the bike stemmed from adversity.

    Wiggins won his first Olympic gold in Athens 2004 followed by two more gold medals in Peking, one in London 2012 and the fifth and final in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. He retired from cycling the same year.