We are no accountants! We take risks!

Dijk van den Bunt
Dijk van den Bunt
21/04/2022 09:32
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We are no accountants we are risk takers!

46 points, that’s the difference between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc with Emilia Romagna Grand Prix coming up. This weekend a lot is at stake as there are many points to fight for at Imola. A victory in the sprint race, victory in the main race and setting the fastest lap will give 34 points. Hence the reason RedBull goes all in on a comeback!

- We have decided to attack and take some risks, says Helmut Marko

- Even if it only takes us halfway, we still will update the car.

    Max Verstappen retired from the premiere race with engine problems, won the second race and again, retired from the third race with an engine related problem (although the two problems are not related). In Bahrain RedBull had an issue with the fuel pressure and in Australia a fuel line broke.

    - Likely, the vibrations and “jumping” of the car caused the fuel line to break even if we simulated these types of issues prior to the race. Little things happening all the time says Marko to ORF:s program Sport am Sonntag
    - We are far behind Leclerc, but we have taken quick actions.

      The Redbull team is not only behind in the drivers’ standings but also in the construction championship standings, trailing also the Mercedes team. The team is now working hard to cut weight of the car so they can compete with the speed of the Ferrari.

      -Hopefully we will be able to cut to minimum weight in the next two to three races, says Helmut Marko.

      -I would say we have a reserve of around three to four tenths in lap time and that is very positive. Ten kilos are around three tenths and when I say four tenths, we know how much it is.

      Christian Horner, team principal of RedBull have been a bit more careful commenting on the upcoming updates of the car while Helmut Marko goes in the other direction

      - We are no accountants counting point by point. We want to perform! It´s hard but we are ready to take some risks, says the outspoken Austrian.

        Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

        Track: Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Imola, Italy
        Length: 4.909 Meter, 63 laps.
        Corners: 10 left/9 right
        Winning strategy 2021: 2 pit stops (also the most common strategy)
        First winner: Nelson Piquet 1980.
        Number of GP: 29
        Victories from pole position: 9

        Statistic Emilia Romagna

        Grand Prix Formula One

        Top 8 qualifying 2021:

        1. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
        2. Sergio Perez, Red Bull
        3. Max Verstappen, Red Bull
        4. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari
        5. Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri
        6. Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren
        7. Lando Norris, McLaren
        8. Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes

        Lap time pole position:
        Record: 1:13.609 (Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes, 2020)
        2021: 1:14.411 (Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes)
        2020: 1:13.609 (Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes)
        2006: 1:22.795 (Michael Schumacher, Ferrari)
        2005: 1:19.886 (Kimi Räikkönen, McLaren)
        2004: 1:19.753 (Jenson Button, BAR)

        Top 8 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix
        Formula One 2021

        1. Max Verstappen, Red Bull
        2. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
        3. Lando Norris, McLaren
        4. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari
        5. Carlos Sainz, Ferrari
        6. Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren
        7. Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri
        8. Lance Stroll, Aston Martin

        Fastest Lap:
        Record: 1:15.484 (Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, 2020)
        2021: 1:16.702 (Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes)
        2020: 1:15.484 (Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes)
        2006: 1:24.569 (Fernando Alonso, Renault)
        2005: 1:21.858 (Michael Schumacher, Ferrari)
        2004: 1:20.411 (Michael Schumacher, Ferrari)

        Last five winners
        2021 Max Verstappen Red Bull
        2020 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
        2006 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
        2005 Fernando Alonso Renault
        2004 Michael Schumacher Ferrari

        Drivers with most wins
        Michael Schumacher (7)
        Alain Prost (3)
        Ayrton Senna (3)
        Nelson Piquet (2)
        Nigel Mansell (2)
        Damon Hill (2)