Kjeld Nuis sets new World Record!

Dijk van den Bunt
Dijk van den Bunt
25/03/2022 10:44
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Dutch skater, Kjeld Nuis, a three-time Olympic champion has set a new speed record on skates earlier this month. The new World Record reads 103kph and was set on a frozen lake, Savallen, in Norway.

The track was a total of 3 km with no bends, and he was assisted by a windbreaker construction, shielding him from the wind, attached to a car. Nuis told the broad caster NOS after the record attempt that he was in his best shape ever. “ I was literally flying” he continued. His previous record was from 4 years ago at 93kph and it took him three attempts to break the 100kpg barrier this year.

Nuis needed as much wind protection as possible, so he didn’t risk getting tired when doing the final push. Well, it all worked out fine and a new World Record is now in the books.

TEAM: RedBull Athlete
Kjeld Nuis
10th of November 1989
Leiden, Netherlands
Speed Skating

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