Italy failed to qualify for World Cup

Il Professore
Il Professore
25/03/2022 10:15
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Italy failed to qualify!

Italy, the reigning European Champions failed to qualify to the World Cup in Qatar this year after losing their qualifier to North Macedonia.

In just eight months (due to the COVID and delay of EURO 2020, played in 2021), Italy has gone from winning the Euro Cup to failing to qualify for the world cup. No one thought this would be possible.

As a fact, Italy has never failed to qualify to the World Cup twice in a row, until now and it is sending ripples through the Italian football society. The “Azzurri” was not only expected to qualify but also be a candidate to win the upcoming tournament.

Italy, who became champions in 2006, has won the FIFA World Cup 4 times and has been runner up 2 times. Only Brazil and Germany have been more successful.

North Macedonia, who beat the Italians 1-0, became a member of FIFA back in 1994 but despite their young age, has produced some amazing results. In the group stage, they managed to beat Germany, a historic 2-1 defeat that shook the world. They continued beating Armenia with 5-0 and <Iceland with 3-1 ending up in second place in the group and will now play against Portugal fin the Play-off Final and a spot in the limelight.